About the Videum VR project

Many people are predicting that the next few years will see an explosion in the use of VR. As yet there is no definitive model for how we should or could make use of this new technology, nor do we yet know whether VR really is the future. However, our reasoning is that we must dare to experiment and invest to succeed.

This is why in 2016 we started Videum VR to increase the level of knowledge about virtual reality in our region. During our first year, we welcomed 575 visitors – either to attend our demonstrations, to test the technology or to participate in our meetups.

Videum VR began life as a one-year project funded by Videum, Region Kronoberg and Business Incubator Kronoberg. Today, Videum is the sole owner of the project. Naturally Omnifinity, the company behind the development of the Omnideck treadmill and a tenant of Videum Science Park, have a major involvement.